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Up until now, the fastest way information can go from one brain to another is through sound waves, pictures, or moving pictures. It is slow, compared to the connection between synapses in the brain. This fast-moving information media is critical to building complex concepts. I believe, a single healthy mind as an authority is a major factor in a successful creative endeavor.


From Rust to TypeScript

I was introduced to Rust in 2018 and has been enamored since. Rust is a system programming language, much like C++. Unlike C++ though, being relatively new, its language design is more modern and sophisticated. Writing with can feel more like writing TypeScript or Haskell. Not surprising since, despite being a language with a very minimum runtime and no GC, it derives many principles of functio...


Beyond Black Hole: A Shower Thought

I imagine that going passing into a black hole would be like walking into a downward slope. The height of the ground in this analogy is the aforementioned "effort" to fill up a space and pass a time. Being lower means needing less effort to fill up space and pass a time, hence being smaller and getting old slower. For the slope angle, the smaller the black hole, the steeper the slope is, and vi...


Beyond Automation and Reuse

“Effective people are chronobenders.” It all started with fire, lever, pulleys, and wheels. About two centuries ago humankind underwent the industrial revolution. Since then humans have been racing with time with its fastest steed, the automation."


Extending String into a Multidimensional Entity

The box is a thought experiment about a technique to overcome a problem with subtypes. After a couple of years of professional days as a software developer and a couple of years being a information technology college student before that, I finally understand what is abstraction, what can be abstracted, and what must not.