I am Alan - a distributed system and full-stack web developer.

Software is the extension of your arm, be it a tool for your art, your company's information system, or a script that sends a signal to your coffee machines. It must be empowering and always under control, regardless of how complex it is. It must be correct when critical matters are at stake. Last but not least, it must be fun.

Reach me at v.alan.darmasaputra@gmail.com or LinkedIn for business inquiries, consultation, etcetera.

More about me and my work here.

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OOP Isn't Obsessed Enough About Time Control

Dog is an animal. Car is a vehicle. Why doesn't OOP ever talk about time control?


In Defense of Weird Names

Names are weird until you understand what they stand for and realize that sometimes someone need to stand for them.


Appreciating 2023: Systems, Types, and Philosophy

Today's work is particularly fun that it inspired me to write this appreciation piece for the past 2023-2024.


Control, In Itself, For You

When you run a program in your computer, a small slice of space and time in your device is under the programmer's control.